• Ability to hide the battle log window.
  • Added highlights during the tutorial.
  • Added highlights of the selected slot on the hotbar.


  • Players can’t place the same trap multiple times.
  • After completing a mission, pests were running like crazy.
  • You could turn on menu windows during a story scene.
  • The mouse was using the ability “Burrow” when was in the hiding place.
  • Unique items (without bonuses) did not appear in the Scrapper.
  • The pests coming out of their hiding places at times were invisible.
  • Option to skip cutscenes during tutorials.


  • Change layout of UI elements on missions.
  • Player character is now rotating toward the pest being caught
  • Pests activate the traps first and then make their moves.
  • The placement of the traps now works correctly.
  • Improved path in the mission „For science”
  • Additional pests on a mission no longer count towards mission goal progression.
  • Cockroaches didn’t count for research ‘Harmless bugs and other tiny buds’.
  • Items found on the missions are added to player inventory.
  • Improved Tutorial:
    – Highlights an accutal tile at a level that requires interaction through a tutorial.
    – Shows exactly how a day passes in the game.
    – Added 6 new tutorials on camera control and office managment.