RAIN: Corp. Extreme Rescue Simulator (TapTap Hero: Falling Rescue Simulator Inc.) – making of

Our first mobile game is an exciting story straight from our lovely Polish backyard. Stay awhile and listen how it all begins!

1. inspiration

Our designers and animators (from Fumi Studio, which is a part of EON46) created intriguing animated short “RAIN”/“DESZCZ” – you can watch it here:

2. making the game

They inspired us (EON46) to create a mobile game “RAIN: Corp. Extreme Rescue Simulator”, where you can save your corporate coworkers, as they fall into peer-pressure madness and make unlikely decisions. We recommend watching the animated short, it’s the key for understanding the game.

3. gameplay trailer

3. you can check out the trailer with gameplay here:

4. launch

4. official launch of the free game was set on Friday, 5th of April on iOS:
https://itunes.apple.com/pl/app/rain-corp-extreme-rescue-sim/id1454380529  and Android:
official debut trailer includes super-powers you can watch here:

5. Annecy Festival

In the meantime esteemed French film festival in Annecy nominated the animated short “RAIN” to the competition of 80 best animations, describing it as:

Film about collective consciousness, how not being accountable for our actions pushes us to follow the crowd, and could lead to tragedy. The consequences of collective hypnosis for those fighting against it and on the crowd.

Annecy Festival

Film and game are a lot of fun and leave with couple of questions that are worth asking.

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RAIN is here!