Dear pest controllers,
Thank you all for the wait! Pest Control has now been updated to the full version.

We want to thanks to our players who have supported us along the way, who gave us a lot of valuable suggestions during the early access version of the game, so that we could improve our game

Here is a list on new features in full version:
• adventure mode, • tower defence, • dozens of missions in all modes, • story mode, • healing items, • special weapons available during the missions, • steam achievements, • rewards room and bonuses from collectibles • dozens of VFX effects, • new music pieces, • new type of pests – shapeshifters, • possibility of expanding the base, • lab and over a hundred studies, • the main character’s gym, • modes of movement and behavior of the hero, • types of pest behawior, • the interface of the entire game, • new tutorials, • rebuilt workshop, • item balance, price and statistics, • balance of difficulty of task, earnings and experience gained, • over half a thousand bugs have been corrected.

Thank you for staying with us! And enjoy the game!