Support your Rehabilitation

Application dedicated to remote rehabilitation using a smartphone or desktop. User-friendly, aimed at younger and older people.


Make the world a better place

It is the only such civic application in Poland and in the world. We created the Sygnalista app (Whistleblower) to make life easier and safer. To make the world better.


Buy or adopt a pet

Free classifieds for sale and adoption of animals. In the Przytulas Application, you will only find verified ads from real farms.


Offer, Sell, Earn!

Download Barterro and start trading – in this app you can exchange almost anything, absolutely for free!


German Whistleblower App

The new version of the Whistleblower app dedicated to German market. If you live in Germany, you can use the incident reporting app for free.

Yes or No

Help with decisions

Just simply use our app YES or NO and check out what fate want to tell you! Our app will give you answers for all kind of questions. Fast. Sure. Safe.


Application to put children to sleep

It puts your kids to sleep quickly and easily with the best sleep app. White noise and cute sleep patterns will make your baby fall asleep quickly.


Satisfying Coloring App

Mandala is the perfect app to relax while coloring beautiful mandalas. Color our amazing mandalas and let stress go away!


Share Your Location

HelpMe is application exactly what is called – use it in any urgent, risky, dangerous, hazardous, immoral, uncomfortable situation.

Bottle Game

Kiss Bottle Challenge!

Now you can play funny bottle game wherever you are! If you’re in school, on university, in work or on holidays, just gather some friends or family and challenge them!

Meditation Apps

Rest your soul and body

A set of several apps for meditation and rest. Treat yourself to relaxation. White noise, music – the perfect atmosphere for everyday meditation.


Weight Loss Challenge App

The first peer-to-peer motivation app that is not only like instagram but allows you to keep your own diary of exercise progress and weight loss.

Facial Palsy Therapy

Facial Palsy Rehabilitation

Our App offers assistance in remote therapy of the facial nerve through special sessions prepared by professional physiotherapists and physiotherapists.

Rounded Back Therapy

Treatment of Hump & Round Back

We have created an app for remote rehabilitation of round backs to help in the therapy and treatment of this condition.

Peroneal Nerve

App for home physiotherapy

The foot drops down, cannot be lifted up while walking, the toes catch on the ground. The walk resembles the stork’s march through a meadow, or the movement of a scythe mowing grain.

Binaural Sounds

Soothing sounds apps

Let yourself be immersed in the therapy with binaural sounds. In addition to high frequencies, there are also nature sounds in the app.


Your Child’s safeness

The app which helps our little ones to report such incidents directly to relevant authorities and also to the parents.